ITS Contest 2022 Finalists.
The Ark of Creativity sails home,
with a new generation of young talents.

Navigating the seas of talent.
Salvaging fragments of creativity
from the waters of oblivion.
Reaching our destination.

ITS Contest 2022:
the ark of creativity

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ITS celebrates 20 years of creativity

Through ITS Contest we sailed the seas of creativity led by the trail of talent. We saved from oblivion treasures we showcased, preserved and stored for the future. In 20 years we built a creative archive that now has found a safe harbour, ITS Arcademy. And we are ready to open its doors.

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tel +39 040 300589 + choose schools & contestants from the switchboard

For all other enquiries

tel +39 040 300589

ITS 2022 Timeline

17 March 2022

Launch of ITS Contest 2022

Presentation of the concept “The Ark of Creativity” and opening of the application process.

17 March 2022

13 May 2022

Deadline for applications

Last day to complete the application form online for fashion, accessories and jewellery.

13 May 2022

17 May 2022

Deadline for portfolio arrivals

Applicants have to send their portfolios in advance, ensuring they arrive on time.

17 May 2022

28 - 29 June

Selection of the Finalists

The Jury of ITS Contest will select the finalists for fashion, accessories and jewellery. Candidates for special projects will be also selected.

28 - 29 June

9 - 10 September 2022

Event ITS Contest 2022 & Preview ITS Arcademy

ITS Contest Fashion Show & Awards Ceremony, plus preview of ITS Arcademy.

9 - 10 September 2022

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ITS Contest Numbers

Schools in over
80 countries
Applications from
80 nations
Finalists fom
over 60 countries
Journalists from
37 nations
Articles on over
Years of
International Talent Support

ITS Contest 2022 Finalists. The Ark of Creativity sails home, with a new generation of young talents.

12 July, 2022

Nostalgic memories of family, most of all grandparents in this post-covid era. It was one of the strongest trends seen in the applications for this year’s twentieth edition of ITS Contest, together with gender fluidity which has nothing to hide anymore. With a surprise: covered faces, a constant trend throughout the years, have disappeared. Young…


ITS celebrates 20 years of creativity. The launch of ITS Contest 2022 and the preview of ITS Arcademy.

17 March, 2022

Welcome to The Ark of Creativity, celebrating two decades of talent research. We have sailed for 20 years, salvaging fragments of beauty from the waters of oblivion. Our cargo is of what is most precious. A legacy for the future, delivering our heritage to new generations, through knowledge and inspiration.  On September 2022, the ark will reach its…

The Seismographer

The Art of Multidisciplinarity. Artist Levi Van Veluw, from ITS 2007 to global artistic recognition.

09 March, 2022

Levi Van Veluw was selected for ITS in 2007, freshly out of ARTEZ. He presented a powerful series of self-portraits for ITS PHOTO, our international photo contest at the time. His project used everyday objects like ballpoints, yogurt and cellar tape to frame unique performances with his own body as the installation. Since graduating in…