Daniel Bosco

Born 1997

Daniel Bosco Fashion Movie

Daniel Bosco Portfolio

I Asked God for A Baby. He Sent Me a Diamond.

The humorous gift of a condom by his boyfriend prompted Daniel Bosco to ponder the concept of personal value, emphasising its significance over material wealth. This principle guided Bosco in exploring fashion through an artistic performance laden with autobiographical memories. These depictions ironically portray significant individuals and moments in his life: an aunt with her eccentric wig, friends struggling with uncomfortable heels, and his mother's unmistakable faux jewellery. These performative portraits blend a perceived frugality with a desire for something more. The mundane is magnified with irony, juxtaposed against glamorous gowns, exploring the fascination with glitz over our everyday reality.

Selection motivation

Daniel’s proposal stood out among the hundreds received for many reasons. A singular and cinematic approach to fashion, art, video and storytelling, a sense of humor and of irony - which is very rare in the fashion industry - which is very refreshing and also very necessary. The storytelling of the collection, both with the clothes and the video, really captivated us not only by the social commentary, but also by the fact that it really showed that the designer could work with a theme and develop a collection from an idea into its conceptualization, describe and explain ideas, and most importantly execute them well, which is very rare. We hope he never loses this, it is a gift. Daniel is for sure a wild child of the likes of Jean Paul Gaultier and Alexander McQueen. We encourage him to not let anyone stop him, people probably just won’t understand him, but we hope he keeps doing what he does, he is one true talent. Thank you, you transported us and made us smile.

Thierry-Maxime Loriot