ITS celebrates 20 years of creativity

Through ITS Contest we sailed the seas of creativity led by the trail of talent. We saved from oblivion treasures we showcased, preserved and stored for the future. In 20 years we built a creative archive that now has found a safe harbour, ITS Arcademy. And we are ready to open its doors.

ITS Founder and Director

ITS Archive:
a unique resource

14,758 portfolios, 1,089 fashion items, 163 accessories, 118 pieces of jewellery and over 700 photographic works. A unique and ever-developing collection, an inexhaustible source of inspiration and communication for the most eclectic personalities in international fashion, design, art and culture.

ITS network:
creative community

ITS is a global network of incredible talents: students and teachers, designers and artists, trendsetters and communication experts.
A community connected by creativity that is constantly growing and evolving, like the branches of a tree that grow in different directions but draw nourishment from the same roots.


ITS Seismographer:
detector of creative phenomena

Like a seismograph, ITS records every creative vibration on a global scale. It logs changes and innovations to trace the evolution of contemporary fashion. We tirelessly collect raw data to identify the convergence of creative phenomena without any attempt to explain them, building a picture of how the surrounding environment profoundly influences today's young designers, enabling them to anticipate and predict future scenarios.


ITS Trieste:
crossroads of all the talents

ITS is proud of its origins in Trieste, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy. A border city overlooking the sea, in the middle of Europe, it has always been a crossroads of people and populations. It makes an ideal vantage point because it lies outside the great design capitals, affording an objective view. An optimal perspective for a pure, free, unfiltered look at creativity. Trieste is increasingly becoming a local mecca for tourists, spearheading an economic revival linked to cultural and artistic initiatives with the potential to attract visitors and investments.