Ivan Delogu

Born 1994

Ivan Delogu Portfolio

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Ivan Delogu's project delves into themes of regeneration, cultural heritage, and sustainability through art. Rooted in research on Sardinian society, particularly its matriarchal structure, and drawing inspiration from 1970s avant-garde movements, folklore, and the island's ancient agro-pastoral tradition, his work centers on the contemporary and historical existence of women. It portrays different facets of womanhood inspired by personal connections and stories from the designer’s grandmother. Ivan crafts sculptural garments solely from upcycled materials, incorporating Neptune grass an indigenous Sardinian algae, along with repurposed 1970s mosquito curtains, unused shirt yarns, and even old cereal bowls. Employing traditional techniques like weaving and basket making, the project is an ode to the preservation of invaluable craftsmanship skills.

Selection motivation

The strength and uniqueness that Ivan explores in regeneration, cultural heritage, and sustainability through art are fundamental pillars that a designer should have to create awareness and consciousness in fashion. Nowadays it is not enough to do a beautiful collection: it is important to create a message and a storytelling that supports a personal vision. This collection completes it all, underlying the importance of traditional techniques and preserving valuable skills with a strong and impactful image.

Sara Sozzani Maino

ITS Responsible Creativity Award powered by CNMI

€5,000 awarded by CNMI – Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and selected from all ITS Contest entries.

Award Motivation

The strength and uniqueness that Ivan explores in the regeneration, cultural heritage, and responsibility through fashion are fundamental pillars. More than ever today, underlining craftmanship and heritage is a social responsibility. Ivan brings the culture of the past to the present and evolves it for the future.

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