Momoka Sato

Born 1994

Momoka Sato Portfolio

Utopia on the mountain top

The Covid pandemic took Momoka Sato’s grandmother away, forcing the designer to consider the theme of death for the first time. Her response was a collection that honours her grandmother in every detail. It celebrates her craftsmanship, knowledge of traditional arts like Cha no yu (the tea ceremony), Ikebana (the art of flower arrangement) and Sumi-e (the art of ink painting), and her wisdom. In Japanese tradition, a deceased person's spirit enters an ascetic practice for 49 days and this determines their fate in the afterlife. Momoka turns this concept into a narrative, with each beautifully crafted ensemble representing a specific step of the character's journey to Utopia.

Selection motivation

By the time we finished looking at Momoka’s work we were so ensconced in her world that we don’t even know how long we remained lost in it. One of the most beautiful portfolios we have ever seen, Momoka weaved a story of loss, redemption, memories and courage, and not only in her characters but in her materials as well, reclaiming important solutions throughout. It’s a triumph over stupidity, of depth over shallow, with intricate storytelling and beautiful, beautiful clothes. Momoka shows us that every thread, emotional or actual, can come together to tell a story, and that each story will carry its unique patterns and DNA, fusing the past, the present and the future. Intelligent, poetic, and a feat when it comes to excellency in craftsmanship. If only fashion was always like this.

Orsola de Castro

ITS Arcademy Award

€15,000 to the most creative, socially aware and innovative finalist project.

Award Motivation

Momoka Sato’s collection demonstrated a clear sense of identity, craft and appreciation for heritage. In addition, there were aspects of sustainability that can be harnessed into clothes that are consciously made and educate consumers. Also the portfolio presentation was impeccable

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