Tomohiro Shibuki

Born 1986

Tomohiro Shibuki Portfolio

Excerpt from the Fashion Movie

Smooth Harmony of a Series

Starting from the consideration that fashion tends to value individuality, designer Tomohiro Shibuki's project explores ambiguity. He seeks a shift in the viewer's perspective, the questioning of reality by obscuring objects with felt. Omitting visual information about everyday objects arouses curiosity and stimulates creativity. The felt creates a different kind of harmony by blurring out the whiteness of the clothes, making an individual statement. Even in today's society where emerging as an individual is paramount and everything is sharply in focus and digitised, we may be able to see things more clearly simply by blurring the edges and letting our creative instincts guide us.

Selection motivation

In the form presented by Shibuki a pars destruens, the denunciation of the overproduction of clothing, and a pars construens, the proposal of a possible solution expressed with a unique technique, coexist in a sophisticated and balanced way. An equilibrium that is not easy to reach and which does not represent a destination but rather a relevant, new starting point in a collective and global journey of transition.

Matteo Ward

ITS Challenge The Status Quo Award powered by WRÅD

An award for design projects which are ethical and innovative as they are informed by a critical research on the role of apparel today.

Redefining the functionality of a garment is, as a matter of fact, quintessential to the preservation of life on the planet; an exciting opportunity to embark on a journey to visit some of the world’s most innovative companies. The tour, guided by Matteo Ward will include visits at: a) Moda e Futurismo: Salvatore Ferragamo Museum, Firenze. b) Moda e Funzione: D-Air Lab, Vicenza. c) Moda e Progettazione: WRÅD Studio, Vicenza. d) Moda e Innovazione: D-House Lab, Milano. Hospitality costs will be covered by WRÅD.

Award Motivation

Tomohiro brought a fresh sense of aesthetic and purpose through his artworks to the technique of repurposing and upcycling. A vision that can help share new patterns and inform new ways of operating for a new generation of designers