ITS Contest 2021

We are pursuing our mission of scouting new talents and supporting them. Applications for ITS 2021 are closed. This is a call to all young fashion, accessories and jewellery designers out there: prepare your digital portfolio and get ready to present yourself and your work with two short videos. All information and details are available on this page.

Building the Ark – the Contest

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ITS 2021 - The Event
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The winners

An entirely new generation of talents that has learned to overcome barriers mastering new tools to communicate their creativity outside of the physical realm. They are fashion film savvy, gender careless and are developing culturally overarching visions of the world. Unafraid of diving deep into symbols of diaspora and misplacement or into explorations of the self and once again translating contemporary history to anticipate the future.

Adam Elyassé

Fashion designer

Born 29th April 1995 British

ITS Responsible Creativity Award powered by Allianz

Aitor Goicoechea Aburuza

Fashion designer

Born 23rd December 1999 Spanish

ITS Responsible Creativity Award powered by Allianz

Hua Hui

Digital fashion designer

Born 20th November 1992 Chinese

ITS Digital Fashion Award

Mohammed El Marnissi

Fashion designer

Born 27th August 1996 Belgian

Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award

Tae Choi

Fashion designer

Born 15th February 1987 Korean

OTB Award

Hadar Slassi

Accessories designer

Born 18th November 1992 Israeli

ITS Fondazione Ferragamo Award
Lotto Sport Award – 3rd place

Tianan Ding

Fashion designer

Born 13th November 1996 Chinese

Vogue Talents special mention

Lotto Sport Award

Qingzi Gao - 1st place
Tomer Stolbov - 2nd place
Hadar slassi - 3rd place

Special mentions

There were several other projects enrolled in this year's edition that were equally exceptional, and deserve recognition. The selection process is always one of the toughest moments and inevitably, choices must be made. But we do not want to miss the opportunity to thank the other young talents that left us dreaming and in wonder of their outstanding creativity.

Ching-Lin Chen

Born 30th June 1992 Taiwanese

where have all the flowers gone

Rui Deng

Born 12th February 1993 Chinese


Valentin Lessner

Born 13th September 1997 German


Kristian David

Born 8th June 1996 Swedish.


Ben Redouane Bennai

Born 15th July 1998 British

Call Jeffery

Zita Tianyu Tan

Born 10th April 1997 Chinese

Texture of emotions

Natsuki Hanyu

Born 9th August 1994 Japanese

Hairy Fairy

Zongbo Jiang

Born 8th November 1994 Chinese

Dilemmas for Earthlings

Applicants were considered for the following Awards:

ITS Responsible Creativity Award powered by Allianz

The ITS Responsible Creativity Award powered by Allianz assigned €10,000 to a fashion, accessories or jewellery applicant.

ITS Digital Fashion Award

The winner of the ITS Digital Fashion Award received a cash prize of €3,000.

OTB Award

The OTB Award assigned €20,000 to the winner, chosen among all fashion, accessories and jewellery applicants.

Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award assigned €10,000 to the winner, selected among the fashion, accessories and jewellery applicants.

ITS Fondazione Ferragamo Award

The ITS Fondazione Ferragamo Award offered a footwear applicant a cash prize of €5,000 and the opportunity to carry out an internship in the Company’s Creative Department.

Vogue Talents special mention

A Special Mention by Vogue Talents was awarded to a fashion, accessories or jewelry finalist. The winner’s collection will be featured on the Vogue Talents website.

Lotto Sport Award

The Lotto Sport Award assigned 3.000, 2.000 and 1.000 euro respectively to three winners who developed a sneakers project