Aitor Goicoechea Aburuza

Born 23rd December 1999 Spanish

Aitarekin Afaltzen

Aitor's collection is a reflection and a celebration of the relationship with his father and how it shaped him as a person. His father died eight years ago and it was at that moment that he realised he did not know him. At the same time, he looked into himself to discover aspects of his own personality that came from his dad. He used to spend time just four days a month with him and have a meal together. Those eating moment, sitting together at the table, became essential to connect. Dinners that would be full of nostalgia since they would always talk about the past, about things that had already happened, or about the future, about things that were yet to come. Those tablecloths and everything revolving around them - plates, food, napkins, objects, pictures of those gatherings - they all became tools and building blocks for a wearable menwsweat charged with memories and romanticism.

ITS Responsible Creativity Award powered by Allianz

The ITS Responsible Creativity Award powered by Allianz assigned €10,000 to a fashion, accessories or jewellery applicant.

Award Motivation

There’s really something intriguing in Aitor’s work, there’s sensuality, you can almost taste it, smell it. There’s a really textural, colorful side to it, you want to bite into it. And also you feel like he’s going into other cultures and examining his own identity. At first it feels like a collection of images from an amazingly curated magazine or exhibition, and then suddenly you see that there’s process, and it is an extremely precise process. What’s amazing is that you end up with super-intriguing clothes that are super-wearable at the same time. There is an incredible sense of colour that is in balance with his sense of texture. He knows how to build texture and to capture colour within the appropriate texture, which is a huge challenge because it makes it emotional. You feel like he’s telling stories in layers, and I loved the overlayed photographs because he’s telling us “this is what it is” and he is showing it for what it is but at the same time there’s so much layering behind it. The embroidery work is really impressive too. You want to grab these garments, you want to try and wear them and adapt them to your own body.

Adam Elyassé
ITS Responsible Creativity Award powered by Allianz
Hua Hui
ITS Digital Fashion Award