Jury Quotes

The ITS Juries involve the world's fashion industry leaders, artists, stylists, photographers and editors. Regardless of their crazy schedules they answer our call and fly to Trieste, Italy, twice: first to select the finalists, and then to attend the finals, which allows them to meet the selected designers in person, view their projects up close, ask questions and finally choose the winners.

Jurors and young talents can mingle during the event, something that is very much appreciated both by the jury members, who get to relate directly with the freshest expressions of creativity, and by the finalists, who receive precious advice.

A great and diverse number of trend leaders from the art, fashion and design world and more than a thousand journalists are part of our network. Commenting about their own experience at ITS, here’s a few of their impressions:

Miren Arzalluz

Director of the Palais Galliera, City of Paris Museum of Fashion

I am deeply impressed by the creative talent, the technical achievement and by the sensibility of all finalists. I am particularly fascinated by their will to experiment, their search for belonging and their determination to connect with themselves, with others and with the world they live in. I have no words to describe the extraordinary achievement that ITS is already. It is a fascinating and inspiring project, and one that will contribute a piece of fashion history. A useful tool to engage with and inspire others in the future. What a team, what a project, how much passion and emotion. So much needed in such a wild, fascinating but cruel industry. ITS 2019 has given me HOPE! Brava Barbara and every team member. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Creative Director Balenciaga

Super proud that it has become an academy, a place where creativity & ideas are cherished & valued. Bravi!

Marina Abramovic

Performance Artist

I believe ITS is very important because it is the place where the young talents can meet and articulate their collections. We can really discover their way of thinking, we can see the future of fashion, which is really something unique. And Barbara has done a terrific job, all of the production is very professional and is at the same level of expertise of any other fashion show I have seen around the world.

Oriole Cullen

Acting Senior Curator of Contemporary Fashion, Victoria & Albert Museum

The standard of execution was impressive and the majority of the collections were well made. It was great to see such a range of creativity and a really varied selection of approaches to design. ITS is very well organized and as a result gives people time and opportunity to interact, to see the work of contributors up close and to meet the designers and learn more about their work. It provides a wonderful platform for the young designers to meet important industry contacts in a great environment. The ITS CREATIVE ARCHIVE is fantastic and so unique and also a really important record of Fashion in the 21st Century.

Orsola de Castro

Co-Founder of Fashion Revolution and author

The past melts into the future. An invaluable resource for fashion lovers the world over, it will undoubtedly centre this craft as the art form it is. I believe it will inspire many generations to come to explore fashion, how it is made, and celebrate the thousands of ITS finalists who gave so much of their creativity.

Iris Van Herpen

Fashion Designer

A great event and award, I’m impressed with the great atmosphere and the passion is so felt in everyone here.

Marie-Claire Daveu

Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of International Institutional Affairs, Kering

The event was really great. It’s one of the change-makers we need. It’s been inspiring to see their forward-thinking first hand and their understanding that sustainability must be incorporated into every single stage of design. And very well organized!

Luca Josi

Member of the TIM Foundation

ITS is an event of exceptional quality. Barbara and her factory of dreams and emotions deserves absolute attention. ITS Arcademy is a surprising opportunity to discover new observation points on the world.

Carlo Capasa

Chairman Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana

Carla Sozzani

10 Corso Como, Galleria Carla Sozzani

Barbara and her team put together a fantastically organized event, bringing together great personalities throughout the fashion industry. I felt welcomed and taken care of, and the selection of fashion designers on show was very considered.

Susie Bubble

Writer, Editor and Fashion Blogger

ITS is very well organized and it does feel like a family in that people who attend once often come back again. It was my first time so I felt like I was being initiated in a little “gang”.
It’s a wonderful contrast having an event like this in a place like Trieste.


Singer & Songwriter

An extremely varied group of finalists that showed us particular bravery and strength in experimenting with different materials, production technique and a greater understanding of sustainability in terms of production and sourcing of raw materials. All of that said what I loved the most was that this increased awareness did not dampen the sense of story telling and color. It was a group of finalists that were as enjoyable to discover as they were inspiring.

Paola Antonelli

Senior Curator, Department of Architecture and Design, The Museum of Modern Art

I was very impressed with the finalists for this year's ITS competition. The commitment to innovation and sustainability both the fashion and accessories finalists was evident. I feel fortunate to have gotten a glimpse of the current state of fashion and are pleased with its direction. These young designers are not only experimenting with new materials, but they are also thinking about sustainability expansively-understanding that centering local communities, craft practices, and manufacturing is key to an ecologically minded design process. All of this, without ever sacrificing aesthetic quality. While I would have hoped to physically participate in the jury process, I was very impressed by the seamless online voting process and livestream coordinated by the ITS team. I remain grateful for their continued assistance and support.