Mohammed El Marnissi

Born 27th August 1996 Belgian

The Orient and All Its Mystery

A traditional love story from the Middle East inspired Mohammed’s project. Cuz and Damar, coming from different tribes violently in conflict, meet by accident on the top of a mountain and fall in love. Regardless the danger of meeting, they find a way to keep their relationship secret and manage to create a labyrinth right in front of the mountain: anyone trying to follow them would get lost inside. One day, Cuz is killed by an attack from the other tribe. Although Damar is devastated and feels like destroying her lover’s tribe, she decides to end the war and unite the two tribes to create peace and harmony. Nowadays we know this city as Damascus, named after Damar and Cuz. Mohammed worked with influences from the 60’s and 70’s mixing them in colourful silhouettes with far-reaching cultural influences. He combined them with contemporary aspects, innovative techniques and artisanal materials. Traditional Moroccan carpet weaving inspired the construction of some of the coats, bead used in the time-consuming construction of pants were all died in henna and overall, the entire aesthetics is derived from north-African styles. The collection is a tribute to anyone who strives to be themselves and breaks free from the current way of thinking. Mohammed is essentially telling us: how beautiful would it be if we could do what we really like and just wear what we love.

Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award assigned €10,000 to the winner, selected among the fashion, accessories and jewellery applicants.

Award Motivation

Has the power to unleash imagination, is generated by a powerful story, defines itself as agender showing openness of mind and uses colour and materials to create a positive, happy mix.

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Tae Choi
OTB Award
Hadar Slassi
ITS Fondazione Ferragamo Award
Lotto Sport Award – 3rd place