ITS celebrates 20 years of creativity. The launch of ITS Contest 2022 and the preview of ITS Arcademy.

17 March 2022


Welcome to The Ark of Creativity, celebrating two decades of talent research.

We have sailed for 20 years, salvaging fragments of beauty from the waters of oblivion. Our cargo is of what is most precious. A legacy for the future, delivering our heritage to new generations, through knowledge and inspiration. 

On September 2022, the ark will reach its destination, landing where the essence of ITS finds home, ITS Arcademy. Where the dreams of young artists who created for ITS will become the dreams of new emerging talents.

Every year ITS Contest navigates the creative currents to discover and promote talent, offering career opportunities and preserving their creativity for future generations. It is open for application to all young fashion, accessories and jewellery designers who believe in their ideas despite everything.

ITS Contest has always been a journey devoted to the search for beauty, shared with a global and ever-growing community that has become a family. A journey to a safe harbour, where an entirely new adventure is about to begin.

If ITS Contest represents the ark travelling the world to find hidden talents, ITS Arcademy is the harbour where their creativity lands, is preserved and showcased.

ITS Arcademy is Ark, Archive, Academy: exhibition & event space, creative archive, learning centre. A protected place, but open to all, where you can cultivate creativity, get inspiration and experiment. The Arcademy has its roots in an archive built up over twenty years, a constantly evolving cultural and social resource that recounts the history of contemporary fashion. On 9 – 10 September, ITS Arcademy will open its doors for a special preview of its spaces and the opening of “The First Exhibition”, curated by fashion historian Olivier Saillard.

During that same weekend, enjoying the end of summer on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, we will finally live the “ITS experience”(LINK A VIDEO ITS 2019) that hundreds of past finalists and friends recall as one of their most cherished memories in their careers: the ITS Finals, a grand event including a Fashion Show and an Awards Ceremony in a magical location on the sea.

“Through ITS Contest we sailed the seas of creativity led by the trail of talent. We saved from oblivion treasures we showcased, preserved and stored for the future. In 20 years we built a creative archive that now has found a safe harbour, ITS Arcademy. And we are ready to open its door.”
Barbara Franchin – ITS Founder and Director

This year’s contestants – graduates and graduating students from BA and MA courses around the world as well as emerging designers outside of academic circuits – will be applying for yet another impressive list of career opportunities, internships and financial contributions to fuel their dreams:


ITS Arcademy Award

€15,000 and a 6-month mentorship by PITTI Immagine Tutoring & Consulting Direction to the most creative, socially aware and innovative finalist project.

ITS Media Award

€8,000 awarded by the ITS Contest 2022 Media Jury to the fashion, accessories or jewellery finalist showing the strongest ability to transmit their innovative vision in a socially meaningful way.

ITS Portfolio Award powered by Luxottica

€3,000 awarded by Luxottica to the best portfolio, selected among all ITS Contest applications

ITS Video Presentation Award

€3,000 awarded by ITS to the best fashion film, selected among all ITS Contest applications

ITS Digital Fashion Award

€3,000 awarded by ITS to the best digital fashion project selected among all ITS Contest applications

Matthieu Balzy ITS 2006, now Creative Director Bottega Veneta
Matthieu Balzy ITS 2006, now Creative Director Bottega Veneta
Demna Gvasalia ITS 2004, now Creative Director Balenciaga
Demna ITS 2004, now Creative Director Balenciaga

OTB Award

€10,000 assigned by OTB to a fashion, accessories or jewellery finalist.

ITS Artwork Award powered by Swatch Art Peace Hotel

€10,000 assigned by Swatch Art Peace Hotel, upon selection among the ITS Contest participants

ITS Sportswear Award powered by Lotto Sport

€3,000, €2,000 and €1,000 awarded by Lotto Sport to three winners challenged with a sneakers project

ITS Portfolio Award powered by Luxottica

€3,000 awarded by Luxottica to the best portfolio, selected among all ITS Contest applications

ITS Responsible Creativity Award powered by CNMI

€5,000 awarded by CNMI – Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana and selected from all ITS Contest entries

ITS Footwear Award powered by Fondazione Ferragamo

€5,000 & the opportunity of an internship in the company’s creative dept., awarded by Fondazione Ferragamo to one of the footwear entries for ITS Contest
Best regards,

Together with the strong support of the Italian national & local Institutions, international companies continue to embrace the driving force of ITS with the common aim of supporting young talents all over the planet. It is thanks to their support that ITS dreams on, realises dreams and allows young creatives to see their dreams come true.

Join us as we navigate the creative currents, salvaging fragments of creativity from the waters of oblivion. Reaching our home.

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