Enrol in 4 Steps. How to enter ITS 2015

29 January 2015


Compared to last year, enrolment in ITS 2015 is quicker and simpler. Always bear in mind that our Schools and Contestants office is there for any question or doubt you might have. You can write an email at or call at 0039 040 3220932 if you feel stuck.

But before you do that take your time to read below. Enrolling in ITS FASHION, ITS ACCESSORIES, ITS ARTWORK and ITS JEWELRY can be summed-up in 4 steps.


As we said, the first thing to do is read all the instructions. Take your time and read the entry requirements for the competition you are enrolling in. You can even enrol in more than one competition if you like. And if you are a team you can enrol as well! Click below on the corresponding contest:





The basic requirement? If you are a young, non-established designer, you are eligible.

Prepare your Portfolio

a Include overviews of your collection and/or photos of previous projects if you have them (even plain pictures of toils / prototypes will do).
b Images you include in your portfolio should be high quality, since we might use them for communication purposes on the ITS website, catalogue or on our social networks.
c Special Projects (the YKK Project for ITS ACCESSORIES and the Swarovski Project for ITS JEWELRY) are extremely important in your chances to be selected! They are a very consistent part of your entry and you should invest time & energy to make them as good as possible.
d Your portfolio (but not its intellectual content) will remain our property, so if there really is something you would like to get back, DO NOT SEND IT!

Preregister online

a Once you’ve read the entry requirements and prepared your portfolio, you will have to pre-enrol online (click on the corresponding link in Step 1 of this article).
b Create a new account, so you can get back to your online form at any time before completing it.
c Remember to fill each field properly and check everything because once you have submitted your entry form you won’t be able to make any changes!
d Don’t forget ITS ARTWORK. Find all about it here (LINK AL BOX ARTWORK). Simply confirm if you want to be considered for this exciting opportunity.
e When you’ve filled in everything in the application form online, print it & sign it!
f You will then need to include the original copy of your signed form together with your portfolio and ship it to us!
g When you click on print, you will notice that besides the entry form, the final page you printed has a barcode and the ITS office address. Sttick it on your envelope! This will let us process your portfolio quickly when it arrives.

Deadline & shipment

a The dedline for your porfolio to reach our offices is 23 March 2015.
b We recommend you use a courier, it is the safest way for you to be sure that your package will arrive. Remember to declare a value of less than €10 to avoid custom fees, since you must declare responsibility for any custom fees if due.
c We will NOT accept any package subject to payment upon receipt, beware!

If you will follow all of the above properly… just wait. Because when your portfolio arrives and is in our hands you will receive an email to confirm the arrival.

Don’t panic if you do not receive the email right away: we are going to be flooded by portfolios and it take a couple days before we put our hands on it, even if it is already in our office.

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