ITS 2015 – The Contests. An overview of the 14th edition

30 January 2015


Many young talents have been in touch lately asking when they would have been able to enrol in the new edition, what the requirements would have been like and so on. We can now very proudly tell you this: Welcome to ITS 2015, the 14th edition of International Talent Support.

From this moment until March the 23rd every young designer around the globe can enrol in the three dedicated contests (which all give the possibility to access a FOURTH one… read below) for fashion, accessories and jewelry. Let’s quickly sum-up what you need to know! For each single contest of course we recommend you enter the dedicated sections in our website for full information and details.


First of all, nail these dates in your agenda if you haven’t noticed in the contest section of our website:

Deadline to enrol is 23 March 2015

Finalists will be selected in the end of April 2015

Finals will be on 11 July 2015


The core from which everything began back in 2002, today a world-renown contest revealing the next generation of fashion designers. Organised in partnership with OTB and sponsored by Eyes On Talents, it will assign the ITS FASHION Award in partnership with OTB, €10,000 & showcase of a new project at the next edition ITS 2016. And the OTB Award, €5,000 + internship in of the group’s brands. The Eyes On Talents Award could be assigned to a fashion finalist. Here is all of the information to enrol.


Thanks to our Accessories Main Partner YKK and sponsored by Eyes On Talents, since 2006 we have been able to explore the many out-of-the-ordinary creations that can be produced with an innovative use of fastenings. Contestants will be challenged with a specific brief from YKK. The contest will reveal the ITS ACCESSORIES Award in partnership with YKK, €10,000 & showcase of a new project at the next edition ITS 2016. The YKK Fastening Award will assign €5,000 + several opportunities for the winner at the YKK Showroom in London. The Eyes On Talents Award could be awarded to an accessories finalist. Click Here to read all about it and enrol.


Last year we were blown away by the artwork projects of the selected finalists. With our Main Partner SWATCH we are back to discover the most artistic-oriented young talents among the ITS FASHION, ITS ACCESSORIES and ITS JEWELRY contestants. The Artwork Finalists will be challenged with the production of a unique work of art based on a brief prepared by Swatch. Swatch will provide a support of €1,000 to all the ITS ARTWORK Finalists in the production of their artwork. The pieces will be displayed during the Finals on 11 July and judged by a dedicated Jury which decide the winners. The ITS ARTWORK Award in partnership with Swatch will assign €10,000 & showcase of a new project at the next edition ITS 2016. The winner of the SWATCH Award will receive €5,000 and will be offered a professional collaboration at Swatch. You just need to enrol in ITS FASHIONITS ACCESSORIES or ITS JEWELRY for your chance to be selected!


With the support of our Main Partner Swarovski we have been able to bring under the limelight some of the most incredible young talents in contemporary jewelry, pushing to the limit the use of unconventional materials and often re-defining the definition of what jewelry is and how it can complement the body. The winner of the ITS JEWELRY Award in partnership with Swarovski will receive €10,000 & showcase of a new project at the next edition ITS 2016. Once again Swarovski has prepared a specific brief for the contestants to work on along with their main collection and are looking forward to discovering the next winner of the SWAROVSKI Award who will receive €5,000. Swarovski will provide a support of €1,000 to all the ITS JEWELRY Finalists in the production of their items. You must click here if you are a young jewelry talent who deserves support. Read everything carefully and enrol!


You have read about some of the main prizes above, but there are more to come and we are going to let you know about them soon. So stay tuned on our website or join us on our facebook page International Talent Support for daily updates.


If you are selected among the ITS 2015 finalists, your work will end up in this incredible space. 14 years of talent research. A unique collection witnessing the evolution of young creativity bordering between design and contemporary art. 14,000 thousand portfolios from 80 different countries. 200 outfits, 100 accessories, 60 jewelry pieces and over 700 digital photo projects. An invaluable resource for the fashion industry, for journalists, for schools and students of fashion & design all over the world. A source of inspiration for new creative processes.

The clock is ticking now and the sooner you start preparing everything to enrol, the better. March the 23rd is closer than you think.

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