ITS Contest 2022 Quotes

International Talent Support was launched in 2002 and throughout its 21-year history it has developed into the most highly recognised platform to showcase & support the strongest young talents on the planet. Most importantly, it created agrowing network made of emerging designers, fashion industry leaders, artists, stylists, photographers and editors. In addition, by collecting items from each finalist it has established a unique collection tracing the history of fashion evolution, early works of designers who are re-shaping today’s industry.

ITS Contest 2022 Quotes

Twenty years ago ITS started a journey that has become what is The Ark of Creativity. From the very beginning our Friuli Venezia Giulia Region joined this metaphorical journey, looking on to the selection, collection and preservation of unique examples of creativity.

The 2022 contest is a story of an ark, traveling and arriving in the heart of Trieste, of Friuli Venezia Giulia. A story of an event that gives a platform to the young, determined and
talented to enter the fashion industry thanks to an idea, to an original vision of the world, thanks to unique knowhow and imagination.

Some of the young designers who took part in the contest have become key players, changing and re-writing the rules of fashion, doing business in a leading economic sector despite a complicated international situation.

Creativity and craftsmanship are capital, they represent a growth factor, and the Region is proud to stand alongside those who cultivate and promote it.

President of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region


This is an important and decisive step. ITS Contest 2022 – The Ark of Creativity, the journey that started twenty years ago to discover unique examples of pure creativity, is now combined and enhanced with ITS Arcademy, a museum space, creative archive and learning centre.

Reaching new levels and opening new perspectives.

The best creativity is reinforced and draws strength from the solid roots of a design experience that becomes shared heritage, turning into new essence to continue
to grow and to offer further opportunities to develop ideas and projects. For the present, for tomorrow’s world, for a life that does not yet exist.

Mayor of Trieste


In twenty years of activity, ITS has collected unique
examples of creativity, in fashion and design, from all over the world, making Trieste a true international reference point.

The creative path of the contest finalists, made up of the original material submitted for selection, represents the corner stone of ITS Arcademy, which, however, is not just an archive, but a training environment open to all, where creativity will become an opportunity
for learning, knowledge and fun.

For these reasons the Fondazione CRTrieste, which has strongly supported ITS from its beginnings, has decided to provide an entire floor of its headquarters building for ITS Arcademy, financing part of the renovation costs.

President Fondazione CRTrieste


Pure creativity, passion, sustainability: these are the key traits of the new generations of talents we must protect and foster.

They are our legacy for the future.

Right from the very first moment we have been proud to support ITS, as it allows young designers to go beyond their limits, thinking in an unconventional, bold and
groundbreaking way.

We are inspired by their disruptive vision, and can offer them new opportunities to be inspired and learn.

This is a one-of-a-kind match and ITS makes it possible.

OTB Chairman


ITS time for the Arcademy!

For 20 years, extraordinary, powerful, daring minds and creative energies have been stimulated, celebrated and preserved by one of the most inspiring and uplifting projects in the world: ITS. Today a new era is about to kick off, with ITS Arcademy starting operations – a visionary and generous gesture that will enhance the mission and develop a broad and diverse program.

It has been wonderful for SWATCH to partner with ITS, discover new talents, fall in love with creative minds, be challenged and inspired, feel part of a privileged community having access to dynamic, forward thinking and courageous talents.

It will be great to continue to contribute to generating new energies, welcoming new talents, exploring new languages and celebrating creativity.

CEO Swatch Art Peace Hotel


Pitti Immagine’s work is bound to the future. From this
common ground comes the inspiration and collaboration with ITS and ITS Arcademy.

To be able to see young talent grow and experiencing first hand the excitement of discovering and understanding what is being communicated, are unique opportunities for us.

We have always supported the importance of fashion schools, training and research, and Pitti Tutoring & Consulting supports young designers in the most delicate phase of their debut, surprising us every time - that our strength also comes from their energy.

CEO Pitti Immagine


Supporting young talent is more important than ever for the fashion system. For many years CNMI have been running projects to support emerging talents encouraging creative expression and assisting entry into the industry, and in this we feel profoundly aligned with ITS values.

For twenty years ITS has been a coveted destination and haven for young creatives from all over the world.

Barbara Franchin’s ambitious project and her ITS Arcademy comes to life next year, a natural evolution that emphasizes the important contribution made over the years by the many former finalists who have shaped fashion in these last two decades.

Chairman Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana