ITS 2021
is Building the Ark

Our journey to ITS Arcademy
The Ark of Creativity

Building the Ark is the journey we began in 2019 when we decided to build ITS Arcademy, The Ark of Creativity. Fueled by its heart, an archive collection of 14.359 portfolio, 1077 fashion items, 160 accessories, 118 jewelry pieces and 700+ digital phototography projects, ITS Arcademy is the future of ITS and will activate the ITS Family network, creative minds who will share their artistry and secret tricks of the trade. Creating a continuous dialogue and exchange flow between fashion, design, art and culture amongst the brightest talents in a town open to the world: Trieste.


Building the Ark is a Web series in 7 episodes

To meet with 3 former finalists who will work on 3 CONCEPTS (THE FAMILY in collaboration with OTB, THE HEART in collaboration with SWATCH, THE FUTURE in collaboration with ALLIANZ) to create 3 items for ITS Arcademy.

Building the Ark is a Contest

To keep the HEART of ITS beating with the new edition, ITS 2021, launched in EARLY MAY.

Building the Ark is an Event

To imagine the FUTURE of ITS with an event that was held on November 19th, presenting the winners of ITS 2021, our future project ITS Arcademy and next year's 20th Anniversary.

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