ITS Arcademy, the blueprint. Sharing new details of the project

28 January 2022


It’s time to get into details. Up until today we’ve shared with you a vision of ITS Arcademy. We’ve showed you bits and pieces, we’ve told you about what it will be but what you actually saw was mostly a space being torn down and rebuilt. That space is now ready, ready to welcome our vision and in 2022 we will share with you all the pieces of the puzzle coming together.

Using a 3D video that was presented to the public last November during ITS 2021 we can finally leave aside imagination and get real, describing what ITS Arcademy will actually look like when stepping inside.

ITS Arcademy floorplan
ITS Arcademy floorplan
  1. Ticketing & Shop
  2. Open Box
  3. ITS Story
  4. Library
  5. Gallery
  6. Wunderkammer
  1. Archive
  2. Play Room
  3. Room 409
  4. Room 414
  5. Studio

The “Open Box” will be a video installation welcoming visitors and sharing our view of creativity. The transition from nothing to everything, the act of creation and the spontaneous growth of ideas. It will be followed by the interactive video panels of “ITS Story”, that will narrate events, projects, the venues, finalists and people that have marked the life of International Talent Support since its very beginning.

3d fly-by of the ITS Arcademy spaces

Having introduced you to ITS through the open box and our history, it will be time to discover the Library: the first step into the world of creation, unravelling the pages of the over 14,000 portfolios, revealing amazing artworks created to illustrate inspiration, research and concepts behind each project created for ITS.

ITS collection compactable archives
ITS collection compactable archives

The Gallery of ITS Arcademy is the space designed to host specially curated exhibitions, to inspire and intrigue the mind. They will showcase items from the extensive ITS Collection, leading visitors along a path that alternates material and multimedia elements, staging a narrative and experiential journey made up of objects, lights, sounds and sensations. Following through to the “Wunderkammer”, a live-action metaverse. A mutable place which will grant a tangible immersion inside a space full of astounding objects for you to discover and contemplate.

Barbara Franchin during the ITS 2021 Event
Barbara Franchin during the ITS 2021 Event

The beating heart of ITS Arcademy will be the ITS Collection, bringing together the early works of designers who went on to set new benchmarks for contemporary fashion. Amazing items collected and catalogued through 20 years of ITS are securely stored for everybody to behold, providing an invaluable source of research and inspiration for the future.

ITS Arcademy will also feature a “Play Room”, to challenge imagination and craftsmanship by awakening senses of touch, instincts and sense of beauty. It will be a chance to express one’s own creativity. A prelude to perhaps the most exciting space of all, the Learning Area, the very essence and purpose of ITS Arcademy. Knowledge, discoveries and experiences will be shared, new connections will be born and new branches will flourish.

We’ve sowed the seeds. 2022 is the year to witness a season of fantastic harvest.

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