Daniel Bosco

Born 1997


GO!25 Borderless Award powered by Regione FVG

This is an avant-garde fashion concept that draws inspiration from the history of obsolete and forgotten currencies, like the Italian Lira or the Slovenian Tolar. An attempt to restore the intrinsic value of these withdrawn currencies, highlighting their historical significance in fostering unity between Slovenia and Italy. Transforming them into wearable art, imbuing them with renewed vitality and affording them a platform to recount their overlooked narratives, designer Daniel Bosco taps into the rich cultural history of Italy and Slovenia, showcasing the details found on the Italian Lira coins and the modern design elements of the Slovenian Tolar. The revival of these currencies is underscored by the dissolution of the antiquated border between the two nations. This new fusion currency celebrates the story of two countries culturally, economically, and historically united. A testament to the potency of open borders, contributing to the cultivation of a more enriched and expansive global social climate.

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