Charlie Constantinou

Born 25th June 1998, British


A collection inspired by extreme weather conditions, adaptability and function, being able to adjust from one environment to another. Charlie researched Inuit tribes native to Alaska and Canada, and how they adapted to such harsh conditions over the past hundreds of years. All of the garments were constructed from the resources available to them; a parka produced from the gut of a seal. A lot of these pieces were some of the first examples in history of technical waterproof clothing. Charlie was fascinated by how pioneering these garments are, redesigning them using modern materials, replacing animal fur with sherpa fleece and skins with waterproof Nylons.

ITS Arcademy Award

€15,000 and a 6-month mentorship by PITTI Immagine Tutoring & Consulting Direction to the most creative, socially aware and innovative finalist project.

Award Motivation

The International Jury is delighted to award the ITS Arcademy Award to Charlie Constantinou. Charlie’s collection was a clear winner for a variety of reasons cited by jury members: — The concept of extreme weather is extremely relevant and was clearly communicated — The collection was highly creative, versatile and innovative with a strong sense of colour a — And products in key categories — trousers, accessories and knitwear — were consistently executed and highly desirable

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