Yuko Koike x Diesel Japan 30th: 2015 OTB Award Winner develops a Capsule Collection for Diesel Japan’s 30th Anniversary

14 Ottobre 2016


To celebrate its 30th anniversary in Japan, Diesel has collaborated with past finalist Yuko Koike in developing a capsule collection based on her ITS 2015 womenswear collection which granted her the OTB Award.

Yuko Koike ITS collection
Yuko Koike ITS collection

Entitled “Blooming Flowers of Japanese painting”, the original collection presented at ITS was inspired by Japanese kimonos and traditional paintings by using delicate, bright colours and patterns creating blooming flowers on the garments through the use of a mixed technique combining knitwear and laser cut perspex. A combination which also caught the eye of knitwear queen & juror Deanna Ferretti, who decided to assign her the Modateca Deanna Award as well.

Yuko Koike Diesel capsule Collection
Yuko Koike Diesel capsule Collection

Japan is renowned worldwide for the quality of its denim too and this triggered the development of Yuko’s capsule for Diesel Japan, a perfect mix of both DNAs: still grounded in Japanese kimonos and paintings, it makes large use of denim resulting in a more casual look that blinks the eye at the Diesel DNA and, at the same time, it includes beautifully fading indigo dyes and floral prints which keep it rooted in familiar Yuko territory.

The Yuko-Diesel Japan collaboration was presented in large window displays at the Isetan Shinjuku department stores with the use of colourful daisy balloon backgrounds going from discrete floating patterns to expanded colourful walls, reflecting the casual simplicity of the outfits paired with the complexity of Yuko’s ITS 2015 womenswear pieces, also on display. In addition, it was also included in the Diesel fashion show in Tokyo as part of the event presenting the AW2017.

Yuko Koike Runway Show
Yuko Koike Runway Show

Featuring leather jackets, pants, skirts, knitwear dresses and jumpers and of course a vast use of denim in the garments, Yuko’s collection is on sale on the Diesel Japan website. An amazing experience for Yuko, learning the entire development process in an industrial context, from concept to production, as well as a great visibility opportunity in the context of Diesel Japan’s 30th anniversary celebrations. A result of the networking that ITS strongly promotes and enhances during the event and after.

Nicely done Yuko!

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