Why Should you Apply? Listen to the past winners

15 Gennaio 2016


Now that ITS 2016 is here some of you might have thoughts buzzing in their mind about whether to apply or not. Us telling you that you shouldn’t even think about it and go for it is of course one thing, but perhaps having the winners of last year’s edition tell you why you should might be more convincing.

So we asked each one of them why should a young designer apply to ITS and what it meant for them as well as what it means for the fashion system. What follows should clear all of your doubts!

ITS Fashion

“The ITS award means so much more than the prize money you win. You will spend a whole weekend meeting inspiring people and expand your network of creative friends all over the world. It´s a unique opportunity to get to know important creative and industry masterminds that you would never meet that close otherwise.
Most importantly you will not loose these supports after the weekend. The ITS team strongly believes in building an ITS family that supports its members all through their career. To be invited into this unique energetic and creative network was the most exciting experience of ITS. “

Paula Knorr

“It’s difficult to meet these juries other than at ITS, the opportunity to present my soulful collection at such a grand occasion does not occur every day. Meeting the ITS finalists, so talented in fashion, accessories, jewelry design… the passion you feel at the contest, it builds your self-esteem. It makes my life as a fashion designer shine. ITS dreams of the future of fashion and can recognize my challenge.
It brings to light hidden talent, provides support to spread our wings and fly towards the world. It encourages young talents, pushing them to think outside the box.
It is willing to accept new ideas of fashion and willing to take new action in fashion. The ITS finalists cross the border and will change the future of fashion. “

Yuko Koike
OTB Award & Modateca Deanna Award

“ITS completely changed my prospects!
It enabled me to show my collection to a great number of fashion professionals, as well as to celebrities. That’s how Björk spotted my collection and chose to wear a DYL (Define Your Life) accessory for her July 2015 concert in the Czech Republic, which garnered worldwide press coverage.
ITS is more than just a fashion contest. It is a unique moment of exchanging ideas and experiences, sharing and meeting with a real family. Over the three days, I befriended other finalists and the entire staff – they have become my ITS family!
Far from Paris, Milano and London, Trieste has that little something more which enables each and every one, however famous or not, to experience the same opportunities, at the same time with no boundaries amongst them. THANK YOU ITS for this X-treme Adventure. “

Jenifer Thévenaz-Burdet
Eyes On Talents Award

“ITS gives amazing exposure to young talents because of the press and industry professionals that are involved. I made a lot of great friends and found my place in the fashion industry. “

Elina Maattanen
Vogue Talents Award

ITS Accessories

“Every designer should take the chance and submit the application to ITS, no matter what type of collection somebody has. It does no harm, it does not take much time, it is very easy and it could result in a life changing experience. Everybody should give it a try because everybody has the same chance to get selected as a finalist and thus experience an amazing weekend full of surprises, new possibilities and talented and friendly people.
First of all, ITS does mean family to me. I have heard about the ITS family before I got selected, but I did not know what it meant until I became part of it. It is a group of creative, talented and extraordinary people that you get to know during the event in Trieste, a group of people that stick together, support each other in whatever way they can and that will be an important part of your professional as well as of your personal life. As a result, ITS does mean the exchange of creativity and ideas among very different fields to me. Moreover, it does open doors to new possibilities, to the fashion industry and to important people by promoting every designer in a very clear, impressive and supportive way. Regarding the fashion system, ITS draws its attention to new, fresh and special talents from all over the world with different backgrounds and skills and points out their innovative ways of thinking, as a consequence, up to a certain point, the fashion system has to adapt to those new talents and their creativity.”

Isabel Helf
ITS ACCESSORIES Award in partnership with YKK

“Because you should! Being selected as a finalist means that you will have the chance to exhibit your collection in a well curated venue in Trieste, Italy. To exchange ideas and receive comments from experienced fashion designers, jewellers or artists. To receive media coverage of your collection, and have the chance to enjoy an amazing fashion show and exhibition made up of the collections of all the other finalists!
ITS means a lot to me apart from all the opportunities ITS had brought me. I think the most significant thing is that ITS gave me confident to believe in my designs. As a designer and creator I enjoy the process of making and I love what I have made, but I am not a hundred percent sure if people enjoy my work or if my work is needed in the modern aesthetics. However, through the special projects, especially the YKK project, I had a chance to communicate with experienced designers and people of different roles in the industry. Their reactions and comments reassure me of my design approach and it is very valuable to me.
In a broader extent, ITS serves a very important role as an actual media for young talents, the media and the fashion industry to connect. People can have a very close look at the actual collections and talk to the designers and designers understand a lot more on people’s reactions and opinions.”

Bianca Chong
YKK Fastening Award

ITS Artwork

“ITS was a competition very important to me as it was a fundamental part of my creation and for the possibilities it gave me.
I believe that fashion creation is to be enriched by overwhelming personality rather than balance and dexterity.”

Hiroki Kataoka
ITS ARTWORK Award in partnership with Swatch

” My application to ITS 2015 competition exposed me to a range of super talented designers: the finalists from all over the world that competed with me, the jury and the guests of ITS. The PR that ITS provides gives you the opportunity to show yourself and your talent all over the world… you will discover that many people know about the high level and high quality of this desirable competition, more people than you ever think! I can say about myself that I won not just the prize but also a big warming and welcoming family named ITS: the team, the graduate winners and the finalists, friends that I acquired during the days at the competition. The prize gave me the big opportunity to start my life as a young designer with a springboard to the real world, also by going out of the border of my country working for Swatch, a very popular and famous company that means a lot to me since I grew up with its unforgettable watches. “

Shay Tako
Swatch Award

” ITS creates precious opportunities.
You can swim, dance, share visions, try to convince people about your absurd ideas, and you can connect to someone that could make your world grow.
ITS is now making me run through the Chinese countryside, chasing new ideas, techniques and collaborating with lovely and inspiring people. And that’s all the great fuel I needed for my new motorbike. “

Alexis Gautier
Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award

ITS Jewelry

“ITS is tough and extremely competitive but, it is challenging.
They encourage our work, career and future vision. “

Kota Okuda
ITS Jewelry Award in partnership with Swarovski

“Because it will absolutely be an amazing experience and opportunity to show your ideas to the world. It took me and my works to meet people from all over the world who have the same aspiration in art and design, it is a big family that gathers us together. It feeds the fashion system with new thoughts, innovation and confrontation. “

Vann In-Wai Kwok
ITS JEWELRY Award in partnership with Swarovski

“I think the ITS competition gives young designers lots of opportunities to show their work to the public through media and it helps to build new connections with creative people from the industry. It was challenging for me to participate in ITS, but I could feel a huge achievement with the prize. I really enjoyed the whole event. I think ITS is becoming influential for the fashion system as it has discovered creative designers and artists. “

YunSun Yang
Swarovski Award

Samsung award

” First of all, ITS is a really good chance for young designers to show their work as well as an authoritative international challenge. Furthermore, it gives you a really good chance to share your creativity and passion with everybody. “

Yang Wang
Samsung Galaxy Award

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