True Videos. Sincerely True finalists, on camera.

24 July 2019


Once the ITS 2019 finalists were selected, we decided we’d dig into their personalities more. This year’s “Sincerely True” concept sounded like the perfect excuse to ask them to blatantly express who they are and what they feel in any way the liked, provided it was in front of a camera.

What we received in return rubbed elbows with poetry in a few cases so we decided we’d gather them all together here, as a powerful proof of the strength creativity and truth have when they work together harmoniously.

Fabia Brüning – You need to move to know. If you don’t move, you don’t know.

As a former dancer, Fabia’s design process and way of thinking is strongly influenced by movement and through movement she can connect with herself. It couldn’t be clearer in her video contribution: her voice guides us through her movement dogma but it is her body that mesmerizes us. Perhaps one of the best selfie videos we’ve ever seen. Big congratulations to Giovanni Duc too for the impressive editing.

Moon Hussain – I’m true to what I see.

There is a kind of minimalism in Moon’s fashion collection. In fact, her search for a new uniform for womenswear, collaged from traditional men’s suits and formalwear, only adds to her idea of getting at the core of simplicity while sending a powerful aesthetic message. It is exactly what she does in her video message. We’re driven to her face, we’re forced through different perspectives to focus on her eyes. Truth is what you see. And then, in the very final frame, they eyes seem to fail her and she’s rubbing them. Maybe truth isn’t always in what we see? Brilliant.

Ping-Chieh Hsieh – I’m sincerely true to myself. Really?

The entire project by Ping and Wimonwan revolved around sensors picking up biometric data allowing to analyze a subject’s emotional state. In what appears to be a very basic video message Ping is actually conducting an experiment. While she’s telling us that she sincerely true to herself, that when she’s mad she’s mad, and when she’s sad she feels definitely sad, she is convinced of what she is saying. We then discover she’s hooked on a biometric machine that actually says the opposite. So the question is: how can we be sincerely true to ourselves when we don’t really know how we really feel?

Yukako Hihara – What I like to do is to imagine a bright future.

What we really loved about Yukako’s video message was its purity. She manages to tell us where she lives, who she is, her design philosophy and her dreams through very simple, direct footage edited with no tricks or frills. Nothing is artifact, nothing is added and there’s really only Yukako ‘ssoul and her work here.

There are plenty more videos to check out and we warmly advise you take a closer look at our ITS 2019 Online Catalogue, where each finalist has its own space with content that includes the videos they produced!

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