The Official ITS 2016 APP “itscontest”

07 July 2016


Well, the title says it all. In an effort to allow as many of you as possible to follow ITS 2016, this very special fifteenth anniversary edition will have its own, dedicated APP downloadable from the Apple App Store and from Google Play Store, just enter “itscontest” in the search bar!

We have a very specific, tailored manner of welcoming our guests. Each and everyone of them receives their own personal program with detailed information about their entire stay in Trieste for ITS. Until last year everyone upon arrival would receive their own personal folder containing all they needed to know. In an effort to be also more sustainable and stop producing tons of paper, this year we’ve decided to go entirely digital.

We’re really excited about this new tool we are offering, not just to our guests but to all of you. Because the app will include tons of info accessible by everyone before, during and after the event. At the same time, it will have an individual section accessible by each of our guests with a dedicated username and password to view specific information about their stay: personal program, travel tickets and more.

The APP wil feature 4 separate sections:

Quite clear isn’t it? This section includes all general information about the event, from the ITS 2016 Juries to the press attending, the finalists of each contest field, information on the past finalists of ITS, the ITS Creative Archive, the partners of this year’s edition and a press kit as well.

This section will provide you with links to access our official photogallery and videogallery. It will also allow you to see the work of this year’s finalists, the ITS 2016 Catalogue and The Seismographer, a trends report of what we have encountered in the over 1,000 enrolled projects. In this section you will be able to access the live streaming of the fashion show. Yes! Live streaming! We’ll talk extensively about this in a follow-up news this week, so stay tuned.

This will be the personal section accessible only by our guests, for them to access the details of their stay in Trieste with travel info, accommodation, meals, pick-ups and drop-offs, etc…

This fourth section will only be activated after the event to provide you with all information on the outcome of ITS 2016. Winners, the juries’ reasons for assigning each prize, quotes from each juror in regards to the projects and the event in general, the introductory video to the fashion show, and more.

If you don’t have a smartphone, that’s not a problem at all. The APP will also be available in website format, accessible from your browser.

The Official ITS 2016 APP will be available and running! You can download from the Apple App Store as well as from Google Play by simply entering “itscontest” in the search bar.

The APP is powered by Print Your Guide.

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