The Mark Fast interview. 3 questions to a past finalist

31 October 2014


Mark Fast is a name that speaks for itself. This Canadian-born designer graduated from Louise Wilson’s prestigious MA course in 2008. His career sky-rocketed from there.

Mark Fast Collections
Mark Fast Collections

On the ITS#SEVEN catwalk his collection was received like a revolutionary take on womenswear and was awarded by i-D Magazine. Soon after he made it on the cover of Another Magazine. It was no ordinary cover: wearing one of his outfits was actress and fashion muse Tilda Swinton…

Mark went on to successfully establish his own brand, including several collaborations with the likes of Loewe, Swarovski, Topshop, Pinko, Woolmark and Christian Louboutin. Many celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Nicki Minaj wear his clothes even in their music videos: Famously, Mark refused to dress Lady Gaga herself, denouncing what he dubbed as “fast-food fashion”. Roughly 4 years ago he also launched his luxury basics line called “Faster”.

Basically, Mark has gone a very long way since his participation in ITS 6 years ago. He now has a very solid background in the fashion world and it was with great curiosity that we wrote him lately to ask him the same three questions we are occasionally asking to many past finalists:

What’s the major difference between the ITS Mark Fast of 2008 and today’s Mark Fast?
Well I have learned a lot since then. Met and worked with a lot of people I admire and respect in the industry. I am more aware of how the fashion business works; who to work with and what obstacles to avoid. This you can only learn through experience. I am much wiser these days and careful who I let into my world.

What has fashion gained? What has fashion lost?
Fashion has gained so many new talented artists. But has also lost many heroes and inspirers. I think fashion changed at the time of McQueen’s death and the parting of John Galliano from Dior. But just as I am writing this interview, the news of Galliano has come; he is back, and now I am happy.

Someone you would love to dress, and why, but still haven’t had the opportunity to?
I would really love to dress Mike Hadreas from the band Perfume Genius. His music and emotion he puts into his work is so amazing. Totally respect that! Would love to see him in one of my dresses.

Tilda Swinton in Mark Fast
Tilda Swinton in Mark Fast

A trip to his website and is warmly recommended. But you’ve certainly already been there.

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