The ITS 2016 Winners

17 July 2016


ITS FASHION Award (A cash prize of €10,000) offered by ITS awarded to: Mayako Kano

OTB Award (€5,000 + possibility of an internship in one of the group’s brands) offered by OTB awarded to: Niels Gundtoft Hansen & Anna Bornhold

ITS ACCESSORIES Award (A cash prize of €10,000) offered by ITS awarded to: Helen Kirkum

YKK Award (€10,000 + possibility of being exhibited at the YKK London Showroom) offered by YKK awarded to: Young Jin Jang

ITS ARTWORK Award (A cash prize of €10,000) offered by ITS awarded to: Marco Baitella

SWATCH Award (€10,000 + six-month paid experience at the Swatch LAB in Zurich) offered by Swatch awarded to: Jana Zornik

ITS JEWELRY Award (A cash prize of €10,000) offered by ITS awarded to: Sari Rathel

SWAROVSKI Award (€10,000) offered by Swarovski awarded to: Tatiana Lobanova

GENERALI FUTURE Award (reward + tailored insurance product) offered by Generali awarded to: Justin Smith

Modateca Deanna Award (€3,000 + 4-week participation in the CKM – Creative Knitwear Master Course) offered by Modateca Deanna awarded to: Anna Bornhold

Vogue Talents Award (Publication on the Vogue Talents website of a photo shoot of the winner’s collection + interview. Winner’s profile to be also featured in the Vogue Italia supplement.) offered by Vogue Talents awarded to: Helen Kirkum

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