ITS Artwork Award
powered by Swatch
Art Peace Hotel

Since its creation in 1983, conceived as a universal, democratic object, Swatch has thrived on diversity, multiplicity, dynamism, inclusion and positive energies that intertwine, feed on each other and multiply.

Inspired by the same principles, the Swatch Art Peace Hotel opened in Shanghai in 2011: in the heart of the most dynamic and vibrant metropolis in China, a unique space in terms of vision, dimensions, style and capacity, open to artists of all generations, from all countries and all disciplines.

Of the 450+ artists that have been hosted, six are winners of ITS Artwork in previous editions of the contest.

This year, Swatch Art Peace Hotel has selected 6 finalists from the ITS Contest 2022 applicants, and invited them to unleash their artistic soul, creating an artwork that represents who they are and how they feel, establishing a dialogue with the viewer in search of inspiration and emotions, ready to be challenged or enchanted, and ideally looking to know more about them.

Their artworks are a manifesto of their beliefs, meant to convey their vision, their message, attitude and hopes. Art can defeat time, can make us travel, can become part of us.


The Finalists

Tatjana Haupt

Born 1st February 1996, German

Fashion designer

Edward Mendoza

Born 23rd December 1992, British

Fashion designer

James Walsh

Born 10th February 1997, British

Fashion designer

Mata Durikovic

Born 11th July 1995, Slovakian

Fashion designer

Takehiro Mabuchi

Born 19th May 1975, Japanese

Fashion designer

Yudai Tanaka
Anna Tanaka

Born 10th October 1992 Japanese
Born 20th June 1991 Japanese

Fashion designers
ITS Artwork Award powered by Swatch Art Peace Hotel