Mata Durikovic

Born 11th July 1995, Slovakian

Concept video


Within this artwork Mata wanted to highlight the transience of everything that surrounds us. All is just a subjective perception and we should try to be objective. The idea of a slow dissolving process in this crystal portal art piece, inside a plexiglass cube filled with water, represents transience itself and intangible things such as our own feelings, which she believes we should involve in more. The crystals represent the shiny glittery gold of consumerism, which slowly dissolve into water. She wanted it to be a healing tool for people to discover their own universal identity. She wanted each viewer to try and imagine being a character who lives in a sky cave and travels through portals into different galaxies, trying to find his own true self, going through transitions when entering each new galaxy. Ultimately turning into a neo-punk-fairy matrix at the end of the transition, reminiscent of Mata’s fashion collection.

Photo gallery

James Walsh
Takehiro Mabuchi