Olivia Rubens – The Future

October 30th 1992
London College of Fashion

Breathing Garment for the Future

Olivia was asked to explore the concept of THE FUTURE in general terms, though ultimately what we mean is THE FUTURE OF ITS, which finds its incarnation in ITS Arcademy.

ITS Arcademy is going to be focused on sustainability and responsible creativity.

We are asking for Olivia's help to conceptualise, imagine, speculate and tell the world the values and ideas upon which ITS Arcademy is being built, and what to expect from this future.

Building the Ark – Olivia Rubens

Building The Ark INSIGHTS, the backstories from our Building The Ark web series.

In this final insight of Episode 7 "RUBEDO" which wraps-up the web series we take a closer look at the photo shoots of the final projects by milliner Justin Smith, Noa Baruch and Olivia Rubens.

We also get to see more footage of Diesel, Swatch and Allianz, the partners involved in the project, with Diesel Creative Director Glenn Martens, Swatch Art Peace Hotel CEO Carlo Giordanetti and ITS Arcademy Director Barbara Franchin for Allianz, providing final feedback to the designers.

We also look back at the amazing locations in our Friuli Venezia Giulia region, breathtaking home to the production of the web series, and we explain the grand finale with our muse Martina Vodanova.