Lotto Sport Award

Lotto Sport Italia, a leading footwear and sportswear company, has been synonymous with Italian style, innovation, and design for 50 years. Founded in 1973 in the Montebelluna Sportsystem with the creation of tennis and soccer shoes, it has become an iconic brand over the decades, capable of dressing some of the greatest athletes in sports history. Rewarded by the trust of great champions who have worn the brand during the most important stages of their careers, Lotto consistently pursues ongoing research and development with unwavering commitment.

Lotto Sport Award

Today, the double Losanga Lotto also expresses its heritage through a lifestyle collection that looks at the fashion world, offering shoes and clothing for men and women with a sport-inspired image and taste. Lotto currently distributes its products in more than 100 countries through monobrand and multibrand stores, chains, and large stores with specialised sports departments.

Lotto Sport challenged three emerging designers - selected from the ITS Contest 2023 applicants - with a project focused on their Hoop Stars sneakers, a model inspired by the basketball era of the ‘90s. Basketball evokes speed, power, skill, and an idea of freedom of movement and of overcoming limits. With this in mind, finalists Clémentine Baldo, Tomohiro Shibuki, and Ivan Delogu re-imagined the shoe in a sustainable way. One of them will have the opportunity to see their prototype produced.

The Finalists

Clèmentine Baldo

Fashion designer

Born 1998

ITS Sportswear Award powered by Lotto Sport – First Prize

Tomohiro Shibuki

Fashion designer

Born 1986

ITS Sportswear Award powered by Lotto Sport – Second Prize

Ivan Delogu

Fashion designer

Born 1994

ITS Sportswear Award powered by Lotto Sport – Third Prize

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