Silvia Acien Parrilla

Born 1999


GO!25 Borderless Award powered by Regione FVG

Designer Silvia Acien Parrilla delves into the intricate connections between Nova Gorica and Gorizia, two cities that have coexisted for centuries. Human interventions, driven by power dynamics and jurisdictional concerns, resulted in the separation of the two cities. However, her exploration focuses on the aspects that remained intertwined despite the artificial border. Commencing from the Julian Alps and the Soča River, natural elements shared by the two cities, Silvia observes how nature transcends any border, unaffected by man-made barriers. Her project envisions a utopian world based on entirely new principles. What if all decisions were guided by biodiversity and humanity found itself under the dominion of nature? Her garment embodies this transformative idea, an entirely new perspective based on new kinds of borders that would profoundly reassess our existence.

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