Marcel Sommer

Born 1996

Marcel Sommer Portfolio

Excerpt from the Fashion Movie


Brutalist architecture’s impactful, intimidating power inspired designer Marcel Sommer. He’s captivated by the “violence of silence” it expresses, represented by extreme, solid concrete structures, shape fluidity and the use of light. His project translates these concepts by developing a technique based on cutting fabric stripes, folding and stitching them together to create a soft but solid shape that can then be cut and “carved” into details. This allows Marcel to work on contrast - hard and soft, heavy and light - also through a careful choice of materials, developing pleated and deconstructed jackets, wide cut chiffon pants with hard shaped leather ‘box’ waistcoats, or metal string tops on a fine rib knit, worn with organza pants.

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Award Motivation

Drawing inspiration from the interplay of light and shadow, Marcel embarked on a transformative exploration, translating the essence of brutalism into a stunning array of garments that defy convention and redefine elegance.

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