Eun Ji Oh

Born 1996

Eun Ji Oh Portfolio

Excerpt from the Fashion Movie


What is perfection? Eun Ji's accessory collection links the body to leather goods, exploring the relationship between the human form and aesthetics. The designer was born with dermatological conditions that led to medical treatments, with side effects such as water retention and the consequent weight gain. Being born into a Korean family in Belgium, she grew up subject to often contraddicting criticism - "too light skinned", "not light enough", "too curvy", "not curvy enough". Over the years she developed her personal observation into a collection of wearable objects that express her close connection with her body. A personal connection we can all relate to.

Selection motivation

It was by almost unanimous decision that Eun Ji Oh’s was selected as one of the finalists of ITS Contest 2023, as the Jury particularly appreciated her innovative approach to accessories, which become a medium to deliver a message of inclusivity and self-confidence, supported by a meticulous execution and high quality materials.

Valentina Maggi