Clementine Baldo

Born 1998

Clementine Baldo Portfolio

Excerpt from the Fashion Movie

I’d rather be a Monster than a Woman

Designer Clémentine Baldo is an advocate against violence towards women, part of the collective named KER, a community of artists striving to represent and expose a wider spectrum of domestic and sexual violence. Her collection centres on the concept of the “monster,” breaking binary and social norms while embracing difference. Inspired by graphic novelist Emil Ferris' 2017 statement, 'I’d rather be a monster than a woman, it seems easier,' the collection explores feminist ideologies. Experimenting with materials, such as transparent vinyl gloves mimicking the texture of skin, Clémentine crafts a surreal muse embodying symbolic references to society's perception of the female body, a hybrid figure merging a nuclear warfare mutant with a seductive, post-oil spill siren. This figure possesses reptilian skin, hairy and feathery fur, deconstructed boned muscles, and a melted plastic shield pressing against her breasts.