Chelsea Jean Lamm

Born 1998


GO!25 Borderless Award powered by Regione FVG

Chelsea Jean Lamm grew up with multiple nationalities: borders represented the everyday reality for her but they would be erased by her family, which transcends geography making borders seem trivial. After her grandmother passed away in 2021, Chelsea found a handwritten poem she must have written between 2017 and 2021. It expressed her will for her family not to cry for her death, cherishing the “here and now” instead and thinking about the possibility of a timeless connection that would keep going. One verse quotes “somewhere, somehow, we’ll meet again. Be happy, remember me, we are always family. All you have is here and now.” The poem triggered an ethereal connection with her grandmother. Chelsea believes that emotions are timeless and borderless, metaphorical butterflies or birds embodying freedom, the essence of life’s personal purpose and aspirations. In crafting her GO!25 project she delved into these concepts, creating a laser cut garment that drives inspiration from nature’s most symbolic representations of freedom, like butterfly and bird wings, or elements from fish, roaming the borderless seas.

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