Building the Ark. A webseries, a contest, an event. Every story starts from nothing. But this is not every story.

22 April 2021


When we will finally look back at this year, unlike no other our generation has experienced, we will have the opportunity to reset. And we have, at ITS. We felt it wasn’t the right time to hold our customary event. This is the time to build our future, to consolidate the path that is taking us towards the opening of ITS Arcademy, The Ark of Creativity The time to keep the ITS contest vital with a new edition, and the time to look back at our history and our family and share it with all of you.

Building the Ark launch video

Building the Ark is the journey we began in 2019 when we decided to build ITS Arcademy. Fuelled by its heart, an archive collection of 18.000 portfolio, 325 outfits, 152 accessories, 103 jewelry and 700+ photo projects, ITS Arcademy is the future of ITS and will activate the ITS Family network, creative minds who will share their artistry and secret tricks of the trade. Creating a continuous dialogue and exchange flow between fashion, design, art and culture amongst the brightest creative minds in a town open to the world: Trieste.

It represents our commitment to save creativity, to make know-how known: it preserves, shows and spreads at the same time, inviting its users (who will range from fashion and design professionals to the general public, of all ages, from companies to individuals) to get involved and learn, observe, get excited and abandon themselves to a real love story with creativity.

Building the Ark is a contest. The present feeds the future. In 2021 ITS pursues and indeed strengthens its mission to support young talents. In this very testing moment for the academic world, we feel it is our duty more than ever to contribute in every way to the support of the new generations. We are pursuing our mission of scouting new talents and supporting them. In spite of difficulties and uncertainties, we shall be a beacon for creativity and all of those dreaming about it. With the support of our partners we are opening applications for the new edition of the ITS contest in early May and you can read more about it here.

Building the Ark is also a webseries. We are continuing developing our transmedia communication in 2021 with 7 episodes and 7 insights. Each one is the result of a creative collaboration between one of our partners and a former ITS finalist, who will develop three specific themes: “The Family”, in collaboration with OTB – Only the Brave, “The Heart”, with Swatch Art Peace Hotel and “The Future”, in collaboration with Allianz. We will follow the making of 3 items that will become an integral part of the exhibition journey in ITS Arcademy. The whole history of ITS will unfold in front of our eyes.

The entire series will be published on our YouTube channel and here on our website. Through virtual, 3D and dreamlike elements, it will tell the story of 20 years of ITS. Our values and unique experience, including dialogues with our partners and with the ITS Family – a real backstage to the construction of ITS Arcademy.

Building the Ark will also be an event, at the end of October. To imagine with us here, in Trieste, the future of ITS. That’s when we will officially present the program of activities of ITS ARCADEMY in 2022. You will finally get to see the location, imagine what it will be like, see the dream coming true. To hopefully meet again in person. And to discover the winners of this year’s contest.

Every story starts from nothing. But this is not every story. We sailed the waters. Now we are Building the Ark.

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