The ITS 2020 Winners

23 October 2020


ITS 2020 was an unforgettable cinematic experience. Jury members and partners representatives in charge of assigning the awards joined us in Trieste, to virtually hand over the prizes to the winners, connected live during the Awards Ceremony.

Ladies & Gentlemen, we are more than proud to announce the ITS 2020 Winners:

ITS Responsible Fashion Award powered by Allianz
€10,000 and a Tutorship on Responsible Creativity offered by Fashion Revolution.

To the finalist who managed to merge a challenging, socially relevant concept with a responsible way to do fashion, all the while experimenting with silhouettes and shapes. The investigation into women’s “true” selves and their perception of others has been carried with humor and poignancy and delivered with captivating imagemaking. The use of biodegradable, natural materials with a certified traceability and natural dyes is outstanding. So is the battle against the injustices of bullying and prejudice.

ITS Responsible Accessories Award powered by Allianz
€10,000 and a Tutorship on Responsible Creativity offered by Fashion Revolution.

To the finalist who presented a testament to the transformative powers of creativity. What to others is discarded trash becomes mind-expanding raw material. This project manages to transform kitchenware and household objects like water bottles, ice-cube trays and jar openers, plus the humble Tupperware lunch box, into a colorful collection of fashion accessories that are fun as they are useful, with an eccentric twist. By doing so, it gives a pop spin to the responsible art of recycling.

ITS Press Choice Award

To the finalist who presented a balance between a creative technological approach and sustainable parameters, blended with an imaginative, polished and poetic work on shapes and volumes.

OTB Award
€10,000 and the winner might be offered an internship with one of the group’s brands.

The project we chose tells a story of elegance with an engineering approach where every single detail, from the pattern, to the construction, to the garment folding, is studied deeply and optimized, a story of hidden details and shadows, a contamination from daily life details and traditional tailoring reinvented with modernity.

Diesel Award
€10,000, plus a 6-month internship at Diesel’s HQ in Italy.

The winner of the Diesel award caught our attention with a truly innovative point of view on denim. The look was approached with a responsible eye, using only denim laser engraving and simple home wash, creating different checkers patterns and shades of denim, revealing the potential of 3D design simulation.

ITS Fashion@Work by illy Award

The high general level convinced us to reward two projects: on the one hand an authentic couture garment with great quality in details, combined with a workmanship that avoids unnecessary waste, on the other hand, almost opposite in style but equally stimulating, a project that has been able to transform the apron into a versatile object, promoting its use in a new shape wearable even outside the workplace.

ITS ARTWORK by Swatch Art Peace Hotel Award
For a period of 4 to 8 weeks, in 2021, the winner will be hosted in Shanghai by the Swatch Art Peace Hotel.

To the finalists who developed an artwork that represents very well a multi-sensory approach while at the same time including a great story-telling idea.

Lotto Sport Award
3-month internship with Lotto Sport for the winner who will have the opportunity to directly follow and develop a sports-inspired capsule collection in Lotto’s style office.

To the finalist who perfectly re-imagined our tennis heritage and adapted it for the modern world in the most original way. A modular style, with the combination of sustainable materials, while creating a refreshing and unexpected take, brings the brand to unexplored territories.

Tomorrow Entrepreneurial Creativity Award
A space to showcase his/her collection at the Tomorrow Le Palais Showroom, Paris.

Tomorrow’s selection this year is made in recognition of a new approach taken to tailoring, modernising it and bringing it up to speed with the times we are living in. The attention to detail in this project, in terms of both silhouettes and fabrics research, as well as how the fabric is cut around the body is incredibly fresh and impressive.

Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana Award

To the finalist who created a collection of great aesthetic and emotional impact, capable of combining creativity and sustainability, affirming a vision of fashion as a social language, transmitting positive values and messages.

ITS Fondazione Ferragamo Award
€5,000 and the opportunity to carry out an internship in the Company’s Creative Department.

To the finalist who manages to combine research into sustainable materials, comfort and design.

Pitti Immagine Award
6-month mentorship program offered by the Tutoring & Consulting Direction of Pitti Immagine and the opportunity to participate in the Super women’s fair in February 2021 in Milan.

To the finalist who caught PITTI Immagine’s attention with innovative tailoring techniques and aesthetic. Integrating the removal of traditional elements with classic silhouettes, these futuristic pieces combine design and construction work with a sustainable approach to materials and manufacturing processes.

Vogue Talents Special Mention
The winner’s collection will be featured on the Vogue Talents website.

To the finalist who brought new emotions through precise aesthetic and traditions. ITS is about support and chances and this designer has the right experience and passion to interact with professionals who can offer invaluable advice.

ITS People’s Choice Award


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