Last exit to Brooklyn

18 March 2004


What do we mean, chaotically as usual, is that the last part of the presenting tour is behind us and it happened to be the US.

We managed to check out 3 schools, FIT and Parsons in NYC and RISD at Providence, R.I.

We have been warmly welcomed to all this schools, the only problem is that those guys really work too hard and they don’t have enough classrooms, in fact we were kicked out spot on the hour allocate for our presentation; considering we are Italians (or Italian influenced at least) and are biologically late, considering that taxi drivers DON’T know their way around, considering that appointments were ways too early in the morning and parties ways too late at night, considered that classrooms were on the 8th floor, we had to squeeze our presentations in half an hour, video included. But results have been achieved anyway, they really know ITS in those schools and they will all enrol (they promised! maybe just out of kindness and pity because we came a long way to visit them).

We also managed to held a press conference at the SoHo House, relaxed atmosphere that made everyone comfortable to mingle round. The turnout was great and it seemed that everyone was enthusiastic and interested in the project from comments made and questions asked. An all round success! Yet another scary moment behind us! More champagne that we couldn’t normally afford!

The Soho House has been the place to indulge in one of the many NYC stereotypes: we had a Vodka Martini straight up with the dirty (not the olive, just the little grease around it) a fantastic experience in itself; it fitted perfectly with cheesecakes, pints of deeply iced natural water served at breakfast, lunch, dinners; waiters with the special mission of refill your coffee cup as soon as half of it is gone; reading books at Starbucks; eating hot dogs at street vendors stands; taking your Miniature Bull Terrier for a walk (we really did! we rented one for a day to get the feeling); stopping a yellow cab in the middle of the street, risking getting run over.

Thanks to all the staff of Diesel and Ingeo(TM) fibers that helped us in organising the press events in the different countries, that gave us their support in every occasion and that even came to the schools to talk directly to the students.
Thanks to everybody we met on the road, we can’t mention or feature you all because you are too many… people appearing in the photos can not complain if they don’t like themselves, you all signed under hypnosis a ‘respect for the privacy’ act when we met.

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