Privacy Policy Addendum
"The Loved Garment"

Fondazione ITS, with registered office in via della Cassa di Risparmio, 10, 34121 Trieste, VAT no. 01324230323, Tax Code 90112870325, as data controller (hereinafter, “Data Controller”), informs you pursuant the EU Regulation no. 679/2016 (“GDPR”) and the applicable national Data Protection law that your personal data shall be processed according to the following modalities and for the following purposes:

1. Scope of Data Processing

The Data Controller processes the following personal data, communicated by you at the time of registration for the project called “The Loved Garment” (hereinafter, “The Project”) ( or communicated during the execution of the professional mandate (hereinafter “Data” or “Personal Data”):

  • Identifying Data such as, by way of example, name, surname, gender, date of birth, country, address, postcode, nationality, language spoken, company name, tax code, email, telephone number,identity card, profile photo, CV, various types of personal information, link to social profiles etc.;
  • Only if, in the context of the submitted material, you will provide us with Sensitive/particular

Data such as, for example, information on racial and ethnic descent; religious, philosophical or other kinds of belief; political opinions; adherence to political parties, to trade unions, associations or religious, philosophical, political and trade-union organizations, as well as personal information on health and sexual life.

2. Purposes and Legal Basis of Data Processing

Your Personal Data shall be processed for the following purposes and legal basis:

A. Without your prior consent, your data will be processed for:

a. the execution of the contract and/or the fulfilment of pre-contractual obligations, in particular:

  • the correct registration for the Project through the submission of the requested material throughout the Form or by e-mail;
  • the organisation and the management of the Project;
  • the promotion of the Prohect to journalists and commercial enterprises;
  • the management and processing of a contact request sent by the data subject through the contact form on the Site;

b. the fulfilment by the Data Controller of legal obligations such as:

  • compliance with the obligations established by laws, regulations or national and community legislation or imposed by the competent Authorities;

c. the fulfilment of a legitimate interest of the Data Controller such as:

  • the management and maintenance of the Site: the interest of the Data Controller relates to the general interest of a company to ensure business operations, including through the operation of the Site, and possible efficiencies in the service offered;

B. With your consent, your data will be processed for:

a. Marketing purposes, in particular for:

  • sending of informative material on promotional activities regarding the Project, ITS, ITS ARCADEMY activities.
  • the use of your image/video and name for the realization, publication, distribution of promotional,
    commercial and archival material in relation to the activities of ITS related to the Project through any means of communication, including internet and social networks:
  • your personal data are processed with your prior express consent, provided by signing the Release of Declaration (see below) to carry out the activities mentioned in the Release of Declaration and expressly subscribed by you. The use of your name and images are considered free of charge.

3. Modalities of Data Processing

The processing of your Data is carried out, both via hardcopy (paper) and electronic modalities, by means of data collection, recording, organization, storage, consultation, elaboration, amendment,selection, retrieval, confrontation, use, interconnection, blockage, communication, erasure and destruction operations.
Your personal data is subject to electronic processing. Your personal data is protected in such a way as to minimise the risk of destruction, loss (including accidental loss), unauthorised access/use or use incompatible with the original purpose of collection. This is achieved by the technical and organisational security measures implemented by the Data Controller.

4. Storage of Data

The Data Controller shall process the Personal Data for the time necessary to fulfil the above purposes for no longer than:

  • 10 years from the termination of the project for the purposes set forth in letter a., b., and c. of sub-paragraph A of paragraph 2;
  • until revocation of your consent for the purposes set forth in letter a.) subparagraph B of paragraph 2, and in any case no longer than 24 months after the conclusion of the Project;
  • until revocation of your consent for the purposes set forth in letter b.) subparagraph B of paragraph 2, and in any case no longer than 24 months after the conclusion of the Project;

And in any case for the period of prescription provided by law.

Release declaration for the usage of the image and name

The Subscriber, by accepting the Terms and Condition of the Project, authorises Fondazione ITS, with registered office in Via della Cassa di Risparmio, 10,
34121 Trieste, VAT no. 01324230323, Tax Code 90112870325 (hereinafter "ITS"), as part of the Abito Amato project (hereinafter the "Project"), to carry out some photographic images and/or audio-video recordings depicting one's own person (hereinafter the "Image"), as well as to spread and publish them, through all the media, social network (e.g. Facebook, Instagram) and means that ITS deems appropriate, in the manner described in this release and in the subsequent statement, without limits of duration or territory.

To this end, the Subscriber:

  1. expressly authorises ITS to collect and process my Image in the terms explained in the Privacy Statement above;
  2. expressly accepts, as of now, that ITS will have the right to carry out, publish and disseminate by any means (by way of example only, but not limited to: internet, paper, video, billboards, social network etc.) the Image, together with the name of the Subscriber also through the incorporation of the same in contributions to be used for advertising and promotional purposes (hereinafter "Contributions" or "Contribution");
  3. recognises and accepts, from now on, the discretion of ITS to reproduce, process, modify and print the Image in any format for the purposes of dissemination and publication that is the subject of this release;
  4. assigns for free to ITS, which accepts, all the property rights, including intellectual property rights and economic exploitation rights of the Image and those deriving from the creation, publication and dissemination thereof in the manner described above and this also for the broader advertising and promotional purposes of ITS;
  5. authorises the storage of photos and videos in ITS’s computer and paper archives and acknowledges that the purpose of these publications is purely informational and promotional;
  6. guarantees, also, to be of age and that there are no rights or claims of third parties relating to their Image;
  7. hold harmless and indemnify ITS from any claim by third parties that conflict with the statements and guarantees assumed with this release declaration;
  8. acknowledges of having nothing to claim against ITS for one’s own participation in this initiative and for all the subject matter of this release;
  9. acknowledges that ITS will not use the Image and/or Contributions in contexts that may harm your honour or reputation;
  10. this release declaration supersedes, replaces and cancels any previous communication and/or verbal or written agreement relating to the subject matter hereof.