Xiaoyue Liu

Born 1995


Excerpt from the Fashion Movie

My Glasses Are Gentle

Many people wearing glasses have a problem with the nose pad indentations, finding them uncomfortable. Designer Xiaoyue Liu came up with the idea of interchangeable nose pads which aren’t meant to be invisible anymore: they are actually turned into a design feature focused on comfort. Her eyewear frames can be customised by the wearer, since all parts are detachable, turning them into a DIY based on colour and fun. She also looked at the fragility of frames, which often makes glasses very delicate objects. The concept of softness - both of the nose pads, for comfort, and of the frame parts, for practical purposes - becomes the leitmotiv of her entire design philosophy. Pull candy, marshmallows and skittles are her aesthetic source for an eyewear collection that responds to key practical features every person thinks about when wearing a pair of glasses.

ITS Special Mention powered by Vogue Eyewear part of EssilorLuxottica

€5,000 awarded by Vogue Eyewear part of EssilorLuxottica to the most deserving project, upon selection among ITS Contest participants.

Award Motivation

We chose Xiaoyue for her innovative and creative approach to a specific need, which she translated into a project emphasizing the role of eyewear as a design element. The self-expression-centered approach aligns with the tone of voice of Vogue Eyewear, highlighting the role of glasses as a tool for personal expression, allowing everyone to tell their own story.

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