Tomohiro Shibuki

Born 1986


Excerpt from the Fashion Movie

GO!25 Borderless Award powered by Regione FVG

Designer Tomohiro Shibuki wants to rethink his own perspective of unity and continuity. His technique is based on the use of felt, which covers and harmonises things that usually exist individually. It is a reference to the environment he was born and raised in, often covered in snow, which is capable of uniting natural and human elements in a single, borderless landscape, thus radically changing our perspective on familiar views. The blurred state he creates by using felt is an opportunity to re-examine the way boundaries should be. The act of covering might look like an addition, but it is actually a subtraction of borders. Such ideas are characteristic of Japanese culture and Tomohiro’s project treads on the same path from a different perspective. It is his own personal search for unity, which erases barriers.

GO!25 Borderless Award powered by Regione FVG 

€10,000 and the opportunity to be featured in a dedicated exhibition at ITS Arcademy – Museum of Art in Fashion.

Award Motivation

For his ability to create fashion forms that simultaneously embody more than one identity without separating them from each other. The silhouettes no longer serve to relegate a body to a specific category, but to transform it into a public square where all lives can intersect. Tomohiro's fashion becomes a tool through which a body condenses more than one gender, more than one age, more than one culture within itself. It is in this intuition, of great formal as well as speculative rigor, that the garment seemed to perfectly respond to the idea of Borderless.

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