Momoka Sato

Born 1994


Excerpt from the Fashion Movie

GO!25 Borderless Award powered by Regione FVG

Designer Momoka Sato focused on Sveta Gora, in Nova Gorica: a monastery at the top of a holy mountain once famous as a pilgrimage route and historical battlefield. In addition to that, she looked at Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami’s concept of the shadow, which he described as an alternative version of the world moving forward, different from the timeline we are currently living in. To know both is to know the truth. Starting from the idea that by understanding the past and the present we can build an ideal future, Momoka created an historical map of Gorizia in the form of a monastic uniform for its inhabitants. The image on the garment is of a monastery at the top of a mountain, held up like a sundial. The idea is that when the sun rises directly overhead, a borderless map of Gorizia and Nova Gorica projects, racing shadows on the ground.

ITS Arcademy Award

€15,000 to the most creative, socially aware and innovative finalist project.

Award Motivation

Momoka Sato’s collection demonstrated a clear sense of identity, craft and appreciation for heritage. In addition, there were aspects of sustainability that can be harnessed into clothes that are consciously made and educate consumers. Also the portfolio presentation was impeccable

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