Ju Bao

Born 1997

Ju Bao Portfolio

Excerpt from the Fashion Movie


The novel 'Annihilation' by writer Jeff VanderMeer and its 2015 movie adaptation explore profound philosophical questions about our perception of reality and connection with nature. Designer Ju Bao draws inspiration from this narrative to investigate the ramifications of human civilisation and how they entwine with nature at a molecular level. This exploration leads to the creation of unsettling chimeras that mimic transforming organisms. The theme is conveyed through denim, replicated and mutated using knitwear, crafting intricate, hybrid garments and details that poetically defy conventional appearance.

Selection motivation

The project of Ju Bao has been selected to be part of the finalists of ITS 2024 edition because his collection shows a great understanding of contemporary style and deep desire for research and innovation. The concept of the collection based on the relationship between civilization and nature on a molecular level creates a new world of intriguing chimeras. This phenomenon has been very well translated in an innovative knitwear collection that uses denim in a creative way with garments that are not at all made how you would expect, showing an extremely exciting experimentation.

Deanna Ferretti

ITS Jury Special Award

€5,000 Awarded at the discretion of the ITS Contest Jury to a fashion, accessories, jewellery or artwork finalist.

Award Motivation

Ju Bao’s knitwear technique through programming to make an optical illusion of denim is both forward-thinking and highlights actual denim alternatives.

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