Clèmentine Baldo

Born 1998


Excerpt from the Fashion Movie

ITS Sportswear Award powered by Lotto Sport

Challenged to re-imagine in a sustainable way the Lotto Sport Hoop Stars sneakers, a model inspired by the basketball era of the ‘90s, designer Clémentine Baldo dismantled the shoe entirely to put it flat and be able to re-collage all the pieces three-dimensionally, changing their positions. She also included upcycled vinyl gloves fabric, translating it from her ITS Contest fashion collection, to create a waterproof fabric developed by heating and topstitching. The resulting prototype highlights sportsmanship and inclusion bridging performance and lifestyle.

ITS Sportswear Award powered by Lotto Sport – First Prize

Award Motivation

Clementine Baldo has skillfully translated the project "I'd Rather be a Monster than a Woman" into footwear without losing the strength of its social message and the aesthetic impact of the original collection. Respect for our brand's values merges with the designer's stylistic exploration and her ability to deconstruct and reconstruct one of our models, providing new functional uses for the various elements that make up the upper. In this project, Clementine channels all her creativity and technical expertise into sustainability, breathing new life into reclaimed materials or existing parts of the upper.

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