Yudai Tanaka
Anna Tanaka

Born 10th October 1992 Japanese
Born 20th June 1991 Japanese

ITS Artwork Award powered by
Swatch Art Peace Hotel Winner video

Concept video


Yudai and Anna created an imaginary island based on the world of fairy tales and video games. It is an optimistic world where fictional characters live in a mixture of natural motifs. For this artwork project, they wanted to create a three-dimensional object that would symbolise that world. Something that would have an element of playfulness, like their fashion collection's theme of "Wearable Toy”. Something like a living creature, a landmark composed of many different objects. Using inflated vinyl, they created objects that are light, portable, and fun to assemble, that brighten up the viewer's day. When not in use, the air can be removed and the pieces folded up, and the several parts can be played with on their own as floats.

ITS Artwork Award powered by Swatch Art Peace Hotel

€10,000 assigned by Swatch Art Peace Hotel, upon selection among the ITS Contest participants.

Award Motivation

The Award goes to Yudai and Anna Tanaka who have been able to create an artwork full of energy, truly interactive, engaging and fun. Their work exudes positive thinking and their use of colours, volumes and materials is a much needed gust of fresh air!

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