Xiaoling Jin
Zongbo Jiang

Born 28th October 1994, Chinese
Born 8th November 1994, Chinese

Concept video


This digital fashion installation discusses sea environment issues. Zongbo and Xiaoling developed digital clothes and textures to explore the symbiosis of humans and nature and present a surreal, harmonious coexistence and balance between humans and nature. Developed as an art piece, it is meant to fire conversations around how we can improve the way we all live on this planet as earthlings, with the hope of reaching a wider audience through a virtual representation, bringing the issues further into the light. This project stands at the intersection of art, digital technologies, the metaverse and fashion.

ITS Digital fashion Award

€3,000 awarded by ITS to the best digital fashion project selected among all ITS Contest applications.

Award Motivation

KEIGA A compelling and very unique aesthetic point creating a fabulous feeling of involvement, comfort and fantasy. Each character is depicted in minute detail and is clearly and closely linked to the concept.  Similar to a “tableau vivant”, a series of interactive, fully 3D paintings invite the audience to interact with its characters. It made me yearn to enter into their world, if only this were possible. AITOR A highly detailed, immersive and surreal artwork that puts emphasis on the environment of the fashion creations. Very impressive conceptual consideration behind the components of the aesthetic system.

Lucia Chain
ITS Video Presentation Award
Dmytro Hontarenko
ITS Footwear Award powered by Fondazione Ferragamo