Ruby Mellish

Born 14th May 1998, British

Concept video


Reflecting on one’s own sense of self over the course of lockdown. The collection exhibits the impact of isolation on Ruby’s perception of identity. Historically, self-portraiture was created as a means of artistic self-expression, showing how we consider ourselves to appear to external viewers. Lockdown turned human interaction into taboo, leading Ruby to view herself as her own muse. Being the only accessible source of life inspiration, she began to document herself using modern self-photography technologies.
Her eyes became a tool to question her sense of self-perception, their repetition and melted effect symbolises endless personal points of view. Using the transparent quality of acetate allowed her to slightly expose the wearer’s eyes, an integral part of the concept to transfer her own perceptions onto others.

ITS Special Mention powered by Luxottica

€3,000 awarded by Luxottica, selected among all ITS Contest 2022 applications.

Award Motivation

We found the attempt and the depth with which the candidate has approached the investigation of a change aimed at the sefie-generation very interesting, with timely references to our own field of operation.

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Tatjana Haupt