Mata Durikovic

Born 11th July 1995, Slovakian


Martina wanted to prove that fashion can be both sustainable and haute couture. Drawing inspiration from her grandmother, who was very thoughtful and sustainable within her household. One of her many practices was saving starch water from cooking potatoes, and watering her plants with it. This was the base for the starch bioplastics used as fabric in the collection. She also used to remake old clothes into new garments for Martina to wear and playing together inventing different characters in imaginative games where they would be teleported, traveling through galaxies.

ITS Media Award

€8,000 awarded by the ITS Contest 2022 Media Jury to the fashion, accessories or jewellery finalist showing the strongest ability to transmit their innovative vision in a socially meaningful way.

Award Motivation

for her remarkable work which blends poetic narrative, futuristic flair, imaginative execution, and inventive home-made techniques. Her unique pieces are full of whimsy, a sort of modern haute couture molded with the bio plastic crystal leather she’s been able to cook in her kitchen.

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