Marco Anzil

Born 5th January 1994, Italian

Concept video


In an overloaded, and saturated world that collects everything including the unnecessary, scouring the web from top to bottom by web surfing, desiring to discover unknown places physically and not just in streaming but with someone who is not connected on facetime. Looking at technology as an addition, rather that as a substitute for life or as the nemesis of the past. This is where Marco Anzil’s collection of shoes and bags begins. It looks at the evolution of travel, at the archetypal meaning of luggage, at people’s new needs. Sensitive to how since the birth of the shoe and the bag their purpose and meaning have changed and evolved into objects to satisfy aesthetics, functionality and awareness at the same time. Perhaps realising that the unnecessary is the new necessary.

Lili Schreiber
OTB Award
Mata Durikovic
ITS Media Award