Lucia Chain

Born: April 7th 1988, Italian

Concept video


Lucia’s fashion film reflects the entire philosophy lying behind her eponymous brand. Committed to the environment, her plant based designs are made by hand with raw local fabrics and organic dyes. Zero waste patterns, a-gender fits and slow production make her biodegradable clothing stand the test of time. The garments depicted in this film were inspired by an inherited collection of textile pieces that Lucia’s grandmother treasured throughout her life: cuffs, sleeves, collars, buttons… She upcycled these textile treasures to talk about her family, about home and about the importance of being together (no matter the distances). Textiles feature ancestral techniques using vintage materials, handmade tools and natural fabrics. The film also talks about generations, about the passing of time. How everything is changing through time, impregnated by our own histories. The garments turn into a white canvas, inviting to continue the embroideries, adding even more history.

ITS Video Presentation Award

€3,000 awarded by ITS to the best fashion film, selected among all ITS Contest applications.

Award Motivation

The project scratches at memories with a delicate and composed melancholy. The ghosts of a family history are projected into the present and reveal themselves to be alive, contemporary, fairy-tale-like in their milky clothes; they become ubiquitous in time and space, dressing asynchronous souls, dipped in an uninterrupted tale that recalls the old kitchens of now uninhabited houses, cultivated fields, grandmothers' bedrooms. Today is pregnant with the life that was. The faces of the young people are modern, alien to those of their relatives, the fruit of an uninterruptedly contaminated becoming. The digital project is nourished by an exploration void of digital tricks and artifices. Only the power of feeling fills the emptiness and satiates it with memory.

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