Hanna-Lotta Hanhela

Born 29th September 1989, Finnish

Concept video


The collection is designed from the perspective of a tailor slowly losing their memory, inspired by Hanna-Lotta’s grandmother, diagnosed with Alzheimer’s: the body remains healthy but memories begin to disappear. Initially the garments look familiar, there are a few mistakes but maintaining precision. Gradually deterioration sets in, the making process becomes confusing, unsure.
Jacket, coats and tailoring become sculptural and elongated, the finishing is fragile. Slips and knits are delicate and close to the body. Traditional wools and cottons are mellowed out by the muted colour palette. A glint of silver recalls sudden glimpses of mental clarity, while red represents the lost vibrancy of a person we once knew.

Eva Heugenhauser
ITS Special Mention powered by Vogue Italia
Lili Schreiber
OTB Award