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Lotto is the leading footwear and sportswear company, synonymous with Italian style, Innovation and Design.

Founded in 1973 to produce tennis and soccer shoes, over the decades the best teams and athletes all around the world have endorsed Lotto’s shoes and apparel.

Today the brand honours its history and sports heritage to define the style of the future. B.Stars is an iconic sneaker model that pays tribute to the golden age of basket and their brightest stars, athletes that have worn Lotto for their most important and successful performances at the pinnacle of their careers.

For ITS Contest 2022 Lotto selected 3 designers among all applicants, challenging them with the design of a sneaker proposal inspired by the Lotto basketball history, driving inspiration from basketball stars style and reinventing it with a more contemporary fashion feel.

Lotto provided the designers with the sneaker paper pattern and sample, allowing them full freedom in terms of how fabrics and materials could be treated, coloured, painted, or transformed to express their ideas.


The Finalists

Charlie Constantinou

Born 25th June 1998, British

Fashion designer

Edward Mendoza

Born 23rd December 1992, British

Fashion designer

Hin Fung Jesse Lee

Born 5th July 1994, Chinese

Fashion designer

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